My favourite concert

The best concert I’ve ever been to is the ”Swedish House Mafia” One last tour. It was on a monday in November 2012. The concert started at 10 p.m. and ended 00:30. It was in Copenhagen so I slept at my sister that night who lives there. However, the concert was loud, you felt the bass in your heart, you know when it feels like the heart is popping out of your body. The audience were loud, hopeful, exited and sweaty. Yes, the whole audience were sweaty, including me. There were thousands of people who jumped up and down, yelled and danced. There were also people who were drunk and smoked, inside the building. It was awful just because I can’t breath when I get the smoke in my toroth. But it was a special feeling when you stood there, danced and just had the best time in your life. I remember that I had my new college-shirt on with the text ”Swedish House Mafia” on. It was so hot in there! More like you just took a bath.

Before SHM came the DJ Rune RK and played in two hours. It wasn’t fun at all. All you wanted to do were to see Swedish House Mafia! In the group is the DJs Steve Angello, Sebastian Ingrosso and Axwell included. I love Axwell the most, just because he lived and were born in Lund. His music is also the best, well Sebastian is also very good I must say. But Axwells songs is like a drug. You can’t be whit out it.

The people who followed me to the concert were my siblings. My brother Daniel, 18 years old and my sister Sara, 24 years old. I got the tickets by my mom when she suddenly texted me at school two months before the concert and just said: Monday 26th November, 20:00 Copenhagen, Forum ”Swedish House Mafia”. My heart stopped for I while. She knew they were, or are, my idols. A present like that is unforgettable. 

I stood like 10 meters in front of them. 10 meters, when they normally lives in L.A! 

A memory for life, an unbelievable concert I experienced with my siblings and that I can share with my friends. I can just say, if i die now, I will die happy.